Résumé & CV Approval

The Center for Career Development requires students who wish to apply to jobs through Handshake to have a résumé or CV approved by a member of the staff prior to uploading documents to the system. Please see the details below to determine if you are required to have your résumé approved this school year.  

Download the Résumé Rubric (PDF)
Download the CV Rubric (PDF)


This policy applies to all class years in the following ways.

  • Students need to go through the résumé and CV approval process twice during their time at Davidson. The first time is as a first-year or sophomore, and then again as a junior or senior.  
  • Sophomores and seniors who had their résumé approved the previous year will not need to go through the process again.  
  • Once a student has a résumé or CV approved, they will not need to have future revisions of the résumé or CV approved by our staff unless their class year has shifted as listed above.
  • If a résumé or CV is reviewed and not approved, a review sheet will be shared so that students know what needs to be changed to be approved the next time.
  • Previous résumés and CVs will not be deleted from Handshake, but will be unavailable for students after August 1 of a given year if they are advancing from sophomore to junior year. (Career Development staff members can retrieve them for students if necessary.)

Staff Approval

With some deadlines for fulltime employment coming in the first weeks of school, we know that there will be an urgent need for students to go through the review process quickly. Here is how students may access the staff in the Center for Career Development for reviews:

  • Our office will only conduct walk-in meetings for the first two weeks of school between the hours of 9 a.m.-noon and 1:30-5 p.m., Monday through Friday. This will allow the maximum number of students to be seen during this time. Check with the office for the hours available.
  • Students who are available to visit the office this summer can make appointments for a résumé or CV review as well.
  • Students who are currently studying abroad and students needing approval during fall, winter or spring breaks can submit a résumé or CV to Career Development at careers@davidson.edu for an adviser to consider. 
  • After the first two weeks of school, students should use regular walk-in hours of 10 a.m.-noon and 1:30-3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, or schedule appointments with career counselors for approval of résumés.

We will only allow students going abroad in the fall semester to submit résumés electronically for approval over the summer of 2015.