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Broadcast and Sound Engineering Technicians
Film and Video Editors and Camera Operators
Reporters, Correspondents, and Broadcast News Analysts
Technical Writers
Writers and Authors for jobs, careers, top employers and education programs, job search advice, salary info, job listings, employee message boards and surveys. Click on the icon and create an account using your Davidson email address to view guides on the following career field areas:

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  • Top Media and Entertainment Employers
Pew Resource Center's project for excellence in Journalism. Lots of journalism resources

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There is no "right" major to begin a career in publishing or journalism. Many employers seek out students with a well-rounded education who have shown a passion for the field, while others seek out employees with more specific expertise. Scientific publishers need science majors, for example, and higher education publishers need people with subject matter expertise in the fields in which they specialize. Newspapers and magazines often hire graduates from a variety of backgrounds with strong writing clips, effective communication skills and a passion for journalism.
Depending on what type of position you are seeking, this passion could be shown by writing and editing for the Davidsonian or another campus publication, creating and managing a popular blog, and/or conducting in-depth research with a faculty member.

Professional Societies

Society of Professional Journalists
A broad-based professional society devoted to journalism. Follow the society's active twitter feed at @spj_tweets to keep up with recent developments in the field.
The American Association of Publishers (AAP)
Maintains the useful website, which contains useful, up-to-date information on the book publishing industry, including descriptions of types of publishing, profiles of publishing companies and current job and internship opportunities. It also maintains a list of Masters programs, certificates, and institutes focusing on book publishing.
Top source for news and trends in social and digital media, technology and web culture.
Publishing in 2020
Students are also encouraged to find and follow blogs that discuss the state and future of these industries.

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Media Bistro
Dedicated to professionals and job seekers in creative industries, including editors, writers, producers, graphic designers, and book publishers
Comprehensive site focusing on the many career paths in journalism. It includes articles on breaking into the different parts of the industry as well as a job board
Comprehensive site created by the publishing industry that provides leads on jobs and internships with major publishers across the country
Journalism Jobs and Internships
Job and internship posting site run by UC Berkeley Job Links
Comprehensive list of journalism posting sites