Communities In Schools

Organization Description

Communities In Schools is part of the national Communities In Schools network, which is the leading dropout prevention organization in the country, and the only such organization that is proven to decrease the dropout rate and increase on-time graduation rates. Communities In Schools works to surround students identified as being at risk (at risk of falling through the cracks or falling behind their peers, or even dropping out of school altogether) with a community of support. We do this by matching student need with existing supports and resources in the community at the site of the school—where students can access them with greatest ease. Schools alone, can't keep our students on track and in school, but together, communities can; and that's the work of CIS: to bring students and families what they need through partnerships with agencies, both public and private to assist in the services and resources so desperately needed by those we serve. CIS works in 44 schools and two jail facilities across Charlotte-Mecklenburg, providing a host of case management services to Pre-k-12 grade students.

Required background & skills

Candidates should demonstrate a keen interest in education and human services, strong verbal and written communication skills, high level of organizational skills, and an ability to self-motivate.

Specific Duties

Depending on organizational needs and candidates skills, roll may include foci in:

  • Development and community relations
  • Programming
  • General administration
  • Research

More details to follow.