Williamson Trust

How Does the Fellowship Work?

Through the generosity of the Williamson Trust, Davidson College will provide one graduating senior with a $25,000 fellowship for a year-long immersion with a LGBTQ advocacy nonprofit organization. The organization can be domestic or abroad. As one of the sponsored fellowships, this award will not go to someone working directly for the Williamson Trust, but instead to an applicant who is able to identify and secure placement in an applicable organization.

Applicants must identify an organization in which the primary focus is LGBTQ advocacy and where the fellow would serve under the mentorship of the agency head or another significant leader within the organization. The agency will provide the post-graduate fellow with salary and benefits for a 12-month period beginning in the year s/he graduates. Davidson will contribute $25,000 towards the fellow's salary.

We have set a deadline for 2014.  All students interested in applying should do so by February 17, 2014 at 5 p.m.  

Applicant Submissions

Position description

Provide a detailed description of the proposed position, including specific duties and responsibilities to be undertaken. Describe the specific LGBTQ issues you will be working on with the agency and how they fit in with larger national or international issues of concern.

Personal statement

Describe (in three pages) why you wish to undertake this opportunity, including reflection on how it relates to previous experiences and to exploration of long-term goals. Applicant should identify and talk about the advocacy issues they will be working on and how they fit within the larger context of LGBTQ advocacy.


Provide a professional résumé that lists academic studies and co-curricular activities, leadership positions, and accomplishments or awards.

Information needed from sponsoring organization or agency

  • Name and address of organization/ agency that would employ you.
  • Name and title of supervisor
  • Statement listing the primary mission of the agency
  • Proposed dates of employment (must be 12 months, beginning in the year you graduate)

Letter from organization or agency

Candidates should supply a letter from the prospective supervisor in the organization/agency indicating willingness to employ the fellow under the terms indicated.

Selection Process

A committee organized by the vice president for student life/ dean of students will review written applications and schedule interviews with selected candidates during the last two weeks of February, with the intention of awarding the fellowship by March 1, or as soon thereafter as feasible.

Submit to

Associate Director for Employer Relations in Career Development Jeff Kniple by February 17, 2014 at 5 p.m.