WildcatLink powered by Handshake

As the Center for Career Development's internal job and internship posting system, WildcatLink powered by Handshake is your primary gateway to Davidson-specific career opportunities and resources. WildcatLink powered by Handshake includes:

  • Post-graduate fellowships, post-graduate jobs, summer and academic year internships and job shadowing opportunities that we receive from families and friends of Davidson, alumni, and other employers who have strong interest in hiring Davidson students.
  • Access to the Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN) and Nationwide Internships Consortium (NIC) from your WildcatLink homepage. These two internship and job databases will provide you with more than 20,000 additional internships and post-grad positions over the course of the academic year.
  • Sign-ups to receive career field specific notices about events, programs and particular job and internship opportunities.

In order to post your résumé and apply to positions on WildcatLink, you must first submit it to our office for review and approval once during your first and sophomore years and again during your junior and senior years.

Alumni: If you wish to have access to WildcatLink, please contact our office to request an account.