Sophomore Career Planning Checklist

1) Sign up for Career-specific Announcements

Time Commitment: 5 Minutes

Log on to WildcatLink, Davidson's job and internship recruiting system, to sign up for or update your career-field specific e-mail announcements. Once you login go to your Profile and select the Academic tab to choose these preferences.

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2) Investigate Your Major and Career Directions

Time Commitment: 2-3 Hours

Start by taking the career assessments on our online tool, CareerBeam, which can help you discover majors and careers that could best fit you. Even if you know your path, a career assessment can help confirm your decision. Speak with a Career Development career advisor about your assessment results and about setting up a career plan for your time at Davidson. Meet with faculty in majors of interest to you.

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3) Update and Strengthen your Résumé

Time Commitment: 5-7 Hours

A strong résumé is key to demonstrating your unique skills and work experience to employers. Get involved on campus, take on leadership roles and secure internships to make your résumé stand out. Stop by walk-in hours or make an appointment to review your résumé with a Career Development career advisor.

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4) Secure a Summer Internship

Time Commitment: 20-40 Hours

Employers will want to see internship experience on your resume, and this summer is the perfect time to intern in a field that interests you! Research your options early to make sure you have plenty of time to apply. You will want to complete a summer internship before your graduate from Davidson though it is highly recommended that you complete two internships to be the most competitive for full-time jobs. Opportunities are posted throughout the year on WildcatLink, the Liberal Arts Career Network and Nationwide Internships Consortium (both located on your WildcatLink homepage), and other databases like and Professional connections will also play an important role in helping you to secure an internship. Set up a meeting with a career advisor who will help lead you through your search for an internship.

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5) Join LinkedIn and Make Connections

Time Commitment: 4-10 Hours

Continue to build a strong professional network that will last during your time at Davidson and beyond. Over 8,000 students and alumni use LinkedIn, and it is the primary tool for building your online, professional brand. Connect with students, alumni and other professionals who can help you better understand career paths and develop leads on internships and other experiences.

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6) Consider a Job Shadowing Experience

Time Commitment: 8-12 Hours

Consider shadowing a Davidson alum or parent for one-day over winter break as they go about their day's work. This is a great way to meet a number of professionals and learn about a field of interest. Job Shadowing opportunities will be posted in WildcatLink.

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