Graphic Identity Standards

Davidson College Logo

The bar and diamond is the official Davidson College logo, and is the only logo to be used on official college materials and on the Davidson website. The logo should appear on all materials-both printed and digital communications- that are distributed off campus as mailings, hand-outs, brochures, catalogs, pamphlets, posters, flyers, websites, emails or via social media.

The development or use of logos, apart from the bar and diamond, for individual programs or departments is not permitted. A standard treatment (font, spacing, etc.) of the program name, not to include graphic art elements, may be developed for institutional programs, but such treatments are not to be used as logos and should appear in conjunction with the official college logo. There is one type of program or department graphic treatment. (See the Carnegie Guest House example below.) The development, approval and usage of such treatments are managed through College Communications.

Please do not copy the bar and diamond from other places on the website, from .pdf files or scan it from a printed piece. The logos can be obtained from the College Communications office.

If you have questions or need a program or department graphic treatment, please contact Angie Rice-Figueroa at 704-894-2104.

By using the college logo you agree to comply with this policy and permitted usage.

Logo Recommended Use
Davidson College Logo

Printing full color materials

Davidson College Logo

Printing full color materials on a dark backgroud

Davidson College Logo

Printing two color or white materials

Davidson College Logo

Printing two color or black materials

DC logo for Carnegie Guest House

Logo needing a program, department or building graphic treatment.

Social Media & Digital Communications

Visit the Social Media and Digital Communications page for specifics in this area, including graphic standards for social media accounts, image sizes, and formats.

College Seal

The seal is primarily reserved for use on formal college documents and for use by the President's Office.

College Seal


The official colors of Davidson College—black and red—are as much a part of our identity as the bar and diamond. Color management is a component of a successful brand, but precise color management can be difficult across varying media.

Although black and red are the college's official colors, communication materials (not the logo) can be designed in any color appropriate for the concept.

Davidson Black Specifications

For print

Spot: Pantone or Process Black

For Web, email, video, television, and slide presentations

HEX: #000000
R: 0  G: 0  B: 0

Davidson Red Specifications

For print

Spot: Pantone 187

For Web, email, video, television, and slide presentations

HEX: #ac1a2f
R: 172  G: 26  B: 47

Athletics Spirit Marks

The athletic spirit marks cannot be used to represent Davidson as a college, a department or program, in conjunction with the bar and diamond logo or with departmental or program graphic treatments. The athletic spirit marks are also the only exception to the color rule. The official red for athletics, print and digital, is Pantone 186.


The typeface in the Davidson bar and diamond logo is Palatino. Any appropriate font can be used in communication materials, with the exception of the bar and diamond. Do not attempt to set the type in the logo, change the font or alter the size, proportions or space between the letters in the logo.