Faculty Textbook Adoption

Faculty Textbook Adoption Form

Faculty members, please download and submit the textbook adoption form (authentication required). Orders for your course materials may also be emailed to Bill Reilly, textbook manager, at wireilly@davidson.edu. For more information call Bill at 704-894-2765.

Textbook Adoption Deadlines

Federal HEOA guidelines require the Davidson College Store to post all textbook information by the beginning of the student registration period. We must have a record of all course materials associated with each course offering posted on the College Store website. Students can then budget and plan for their textbook purchases for the upcoming semester by checking the comprehensive course materials list.

Other reasons for our early textbook adoption deadlines:

  • We collect new and used textbooks as soon as we receive your completed textbook adoption forms. There is a high demand for used textbooks. Some foreign, rare, and print-on-demand titles may take up to six weeks to arrive.
  • We reimburse students at book buyback for a higher percentage on books returned that will be used for the upcoming semester.
  • We follow publisher overstock returns guidelines and will return any unsold textbooks before the semester has ended. While we will gladly reorder out-of-stock course materials, you should remind your students to purchase their textbooks required for the semester as soon as possible.