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Fellowships and Scholarships Committee

The Fellowships and Scholarships Committee is a standing appointive and elective committee of the College. The committee seeks to identify currently enrolled students early in their time at Davidson who are likely candidates for fellowships and scholarships.

Members of the Fellowships and Scholarships Committee guide and support students through application processes and administer nominations for some fellowships and scholarship competitions.

Current Committee Members:

  • Malcolm Campbell, Biology (chair)
  • Peter Ahrensdorf, Political Science
  • Suzanne Churchill, English
  • Brenda Flanagan, English
  • Gayle Kaufman, Sociology
  • Kristi Multhaup, Psychology
  • Samuel Sanchez-Sanchez, Hispanic Studies
  • Shaw Smith, Art
  • Greg Snyder, Religion
  • Wendy Raymond, Vice President of Academic Affairs (ex officio)
  • Ted Ogaldez, Director of Fellowships and Scholarships (ex officio)