IRB Membership List

Human Studies Institutional Review Board (IRB) membership list

Note: Please direct all protocol-related questions to the IRB chair, Professor Meghan Griffith at (704-894-2403)

Meghan Griffith, Ph.D., Philosophy, 704-894-2403 (N, FT)

Vice Chair
Sharon Byrd, Library, 704-894-2158 (N, FT)

Irl Bivens, Ph.D., Mathematics, 704-894-2317 (S, FT)
Alice Curchin, Student, 802-498-5012, (N)
John Eun, Student, 704-699-7919 (N)
Jessica Good, Ph.D., Psychology, 704-894-2131 (N, FT)
Shyam Gouri Suresh, Ph.D., Economics, 704-894-27255 (N, FT)
Katy McNay, Athletics, 704-894-2637 (N, FT)
Mark Smith, Ph.D., Psychology, 704-894-2470 (S, FT)
Mary Muchane, Ph.D., Director, Grants & Contracts 704-894-2644 (Ex-Officio, Non-Voting, Advisory)

FT=Full-time employee

*At least one "non-scientific" member must be present at any committee meeting when a protocol is being reviewed.