Purchasing Equipment

Information on purchasing equipment to assist in making a grant proposal budget.

Individuals wishing to include the purchase of major equipment in a grant proposal should consult with the department chair well in advance of proposal submission to ensure that adequate space and access will be available and that maintenance and service costs can be absorbed by the department or other designated source.

The installation of major equipment requires written approval and a cost estimate from the director of the physical plant.

Cost estimates must be received by the Grants and Contracts Office prior to proposal submission. In accordance with federal regulations and institutional policy, individuals must certify that the proposed equipment is:

  1. Not a duplicate of current equipment
  2. Necessary for the research supported by the grant
  3. Not reasonably available and accessible
  4. Of the type normally charged as a direct cost

In the case of computer purchases, the principal investigator or project director should request the most recent faculty computer configuration supported by Information Technology Services (ITS). Care should be taken to ensure compatibility with existing campus systems.