Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply for more than one job? What if I am offered multiple jobs? Can I only accept one?

You can apply for more than one job and work more than one job, but keep in mind that academics should be your first priority, and don't overcommit yourself. Most student employees work 8-10 hours per week and 20 hours per week is the absolute limit during the academic year.

2. I forgot to submit my timesheet. What do I do?

Time sheets are to be entered at the end of every shift and submitted on the last day of each month through Banner Self-Service. If you forget to submit your timesheet and the pay period has closed, email your supervisor and Payroll - NOTE: Your department will be charged a $25 check fee for not reporting your hours on time.

3. Are all student jobs posted online?

No, not all positions are posted online. There are several ways to secure on campus employment. For details, go to Find a Job.

4. Who decides how much I will be paid?

Student pay is dictated by the type of work being done and the number of years a student has been working in the job. Student pay increases each year a student remains working for the same department. Student jobs descriptions are evaluated by the Human Resource Department based upon the level of responsibility within the job. For details, go to Getting Paid.

5. I have received a work award through Financial Aid. What does that mean?

Students who receive a work award through Financial Aid are guaranteed a job on campus. Students can choose to accept the full amount of their award, half the amount of the award, or decline the award completely. Students who receive a work award are generally matched with available jobs on campus.