Student Employment Guide

Working on campus while you are a student is a great way to develop real-world skills. Learn how to start your application, find a job that matches your skills, get paid, and more.

Student Employment

Most students are eligible to work on campus. If you are an international student with an F1 Visa or J1 Visa, you are also eligible to work on campus. If you were awarded student employment as part of your financial aid package, you should contact the Financial Aid Office at 704-894-2232 for assistance and assignments.

Finding a Job

Begin by viewing positions on our job site. You will then complete an online application and attach your resume and/or cover letter for each position. Supervisors will contact those they have selected to interview and hire.

After You Are Hired

Once you are hired, you must go to the Human Resources Office to complete necessary paperwork before starting work. Changing jobs during the semester will not be allowed, unless there are extenuating circumstances. This will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


We use a job classification process to ensure that all student employees are being paid equally while working in similar positions. To ensure equality, all positions have a written job description available online. When a new position is created, the Human Resources Office will determine the tier level and pay rates in accordance with comparable positions in other departments and their guidelines.

You will log your time using Banner Self Service. Students are paid on the fifteenth day of each month. The first pay date is October 15 for September and any hours you worked in August. Timesheets are due by the sixth day of each month for the previous month's hours.

If you were assigned a position through the Financial Aid Office as part of an employment award, you will be able to work a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Student Evaluations

You and your supervisor will be evaluated based on performance informally and formally throughout the year. You are expected to follow policies and standards of performance as stated in the Employee Handbook.

International Students

As an international student, you are strictly limited in your ability to work. Employment is permitted based on visa classification or by receiving special permission from DHS. International students with an F-1 Visa are permitted to work 20 hours per week while classes are in session and full time when classes are not in session.

Attendance Policy

We expect all employees to maintain good attendance and to report to work on time. Excessive absences and tardiness hinder the effectiveness of a department and must be kept to a minimum. Excessive absences without good cause or repeated tardiness will result in disciplinary action. If you become ill and unable to work your scheduled time, please notify your supervisor before the start of the workday or as soon as possible. Many departments have specific call-in and absence reporting procedures that more specifically outline call-in procedures.

Honor Code

In the spirit of our Honor Code, we also employ faculty and staff that uphold the highest degree of personal and professional integrity including the time honored tradition of dedication to honesty and fairness. As a student employee, you will be asked to uphold these standards in your working environment.

Confidentiality of Information

As a private college, we treat information regarding employees, students, work processes, and organizational decisions as confidential.

Harassment Policy

We are a community that respects the dignity of all its members. We expressly prohibit any form of employee intimidation or harassment based on age, race, sex, creed, color, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation. Please refer to the Non-Discrimination Policies for more information.