Hiring Procedures

Each spring departments are asked to evaluate their student employment needs for the coming school year by evaluating how many students are graduating, which students are going abroad and whether the needs of the department have changed. We encourage departments to look at the workload in their office by number of hours versus number of students. Since Davidson guarantees employment to Federal Work Study recipients, it is our goal to place them first in meaningful jobs on campus. If additional student work is required, departments are encouraged to post positions through the online jobs site making them accessible for all students. Supervisors will find instructions on how to post a position in their Supervisor Handbook.


  • Student Authorization Form: This form is used during the academic year.
  • New Hire Form: This form is used to hire students who work in the summer. Students are considered regular employees during the summer, not student employees. Supervisors who extend employment to a student who has worked for them during the school year must fill out a New Hire Form.
  • Student Job Description: This form is used to define student job responsibilities and determine the associated pay grade. It ensures equity in pay across student positions. In addition, it is given to a student prior to starting work to help define job expectations and assist in performance management evaluations. Student job descriptions are also used as the template to post jobs online.

Payroll Information

During the school year students are paid monthly on the 15th of each month. It is your responsibility to train students on how to enter their hours and to insure that they enter their hours at the conclusion of each shift. Students are required to submit their timesheets to you on the last day of the month. Departments that fail to approve student payroll on time will be charge a $25 processing fee for each late check. If you need a reminder on how to enter to enter hours, please review the Banner Self-Service instructions guide.


Each spring it is your responsibility to conduct a meaningful performance evaluation with your student employee. We encourage an open dialogue throughout the year and a sit-down discussion at the end of the fall semester; however the spring evaluation is intended to be a formal review so you and your student can prepare for the following year. It also should serve as an opportunity to determine whether the job is meeting the expectations of your student, your student is meeting needs of the department.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I post an available position?

Student jobs are posted through our online applicant tracking program called People Admin. If you need help navigating People Admin, please reference the following People Admin Tips and Tricks (PDF). If you still need assistance, contact Human Resources for more help.

2. Why do hiring forms need to be resubmitted every year?

Forms need to be resubmitted because department needs and budgets change from year to year, and because all student employment ends in May and starts again in August. Different tax guidelines apply during the academic year, so students who work in the summer do so as regular college employees.

3. If I have a student who worked for me during the school year and I want them to continue working for me in the summer, do I have to do anything?

Yes, you must fill out a New Hire Form and return it to Human Resources. Students are taken off student employment during the summer and become regular employees of Davidson College because different tax guidelines apply during the academic year. Exception: If your student will be working for you as a scholarship fellow, you will work through Grants & Contracts and Accounts Payable to get them set up to work and get paid on campus. Review the list of scholarship fellows (PDF).

4. Do I have to pay students the same rate in the summer as during the school year?

No, students are not subject to the Student Pay Scale during the summer. Instead the college's general pay guidelines apply. Often faculty and staff bump up pay in the summer to compensate for taxes and to be more competitive with market rates.