Consultation Services

ITS provides direct support to faculty integrating technology into their teaching and research through the Instructional Technology and Technology Help Services teams. The teams are responsible for the exploration, development, promotion and use of next-generation technologies to support and enrich instruction. They are available for consultation and support of faculty teaching needs including, but not limited to classroom technology, course management software, and multimedia and web development.

The Teams

Kristen Eshleman (894-2583) - Director, Instructional Technologist for the humanities and social sciences

Paul Brantley (894-2897) - Instructional Technologist for mathematics and sciences

Peter Carolla (894-2179) - Mutimedia/Video

Kyosung Koo (894-2648) - Instructional Technologist for foreign languages

Brian Little (894-2402) - Technology Support Analyst and Manager of Makerspace

Lydia Lorenzin (894-2402) - Director of Technology Help Services

Robert McSwain (894-2199) - Multimedia/Video

Anne Pender (894-2402) Technology Support Analyst Classrooms, Labs and software deployments

Rachel Stewart (894-2402) Coordinator of Student Computing

Diane Stirling (894-2462) - Classroom Technology Specialist

Katie Wilkes (894-2620) - Instructional Technologist