FTP Server FAQ

Who Needs It?
Anyone that shares files larger than 10 Mbytes with anyone off campus should use the FTP server.

What are Alternatives if I Do Need the FTP Server?
If you are sharing large files with someone on campus, you can use the public folders on Louise.  If you are sharing files smaller than 10 Mbytes, you should be able to send it in e-mail.  A large file may have negative consequences for your e-mail quota and theirs.  But if you and the recipient quickly move the file out of e-mail and delete all copies in the Inbox, the Deleted Items folder, and the Sent Items folder you can avoid overstepping your quota.

How Do I Get Set Up on It?
Contact the Help Desk for an account. It will take at least two days for your account to be set up. You will get a username and password and instructions (these and possibly an additional set). Your username will be your campus username + ftp. For example George Washington's username would be "gewashingtonftp".  Your initial password will be the same as your username.

How Do I Get to It?
Before you log in for the first time, you should go to https://ftpchangepassword.davidson.edu to change your password. After you have changed your password you can get to it by opening up your web browser or ftp client and going to ftp.davidson.edu

Windows Internet Explorer Version 6
Type ftp://ftp.davidson.edu in the address space. After hitting return it should ask you for your username and password. To open it in a user-friendly format, you may have to click on File, then Open, then type in the address and click OK. If an error pops up, click OK. It should open the connection in a window that looks like a Windows file folder. You can drag and drop files to and from the folder.

Windows Internet Explorer Version 7
Type ftp://ftp.davidson.edu in the address space. The user-unfriendly file list will come up. Click on Page at the upper right of the screen and select Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer. This will open the connection in the user friendly Windows file folder format.

Mac OS X Cyberduck FTP
Open and Quick Connect to ftp.davidson.edu.  Enter your username and password.

What Do I Need to Know About my Password?
This password is meant for sharing.  Because anyone that needs to use the FTP server will need a username and password, you can tell the person you are sharing files with what your username and password are. Since you are sharing your password, it should never be the same or even closely resemble your regular password for campus computer access. After you have finished sharing files, you may want to change your password back to a simple password that you can always remember. Because neither the FTP server nor a shared password is considered secure you can keep the password as simple as you like.  Try to keep it just hard enough that a mischievous user could not guess it easily in a few tries.

How Secure is the FTP Server?
The ftp server is meant for sharing files by sharing account information.  This means that it is not very secure.  You should not share secure information-social security numbers or bank records for instance-using the ftp server.

How Much Space Do I Have?
Each account has 1Gigabyte of space. If you need to move multiple files that are each smaller, but are together more than 1 Gigabyte, you can transfer and delete them in sequence to keep from filling up the quota.

How Long are the Files Kept on the Server?
Files will be automatically deleted after 2 weeks. We encourage you to delete files that you have transferred soon after you have finished with them.