How to Connect to the Network

This page will provide you with important information for setting up your computer on the Davidson College network. If this is your first time connecting we recommend following the links in order.

  1. Connect to the DavidsonSetUp wireless network. (You can also choose to use the wired network; cables are available from the Student Technology office or the Help Desk.)
  2. Open an internet browser. (browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.) and try to visit an outside webpage (e.g. You should be redirected to a Davidson College Network page for setting up DavidsonSecure. Click Start and follow the directions. If you get an error because Java is not installed, use DavidsonGuest to download it from, then go back to step 1 and start again.
  3. Once you are on Davidson Secure, again use your internet browser to try to access the web. You should be redirected to a Davidson College network registration page. Click on "Students, Faculty and Staff."
  4. Enter your network username and password. This is the same password you need to check your email or login to any college-owned computer. You will be directed to download and install the Bradford Persistent Agent. This will walk you through the requirements for connecting to the Davidson network.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions that accompany Bradford.

Please complete steps 1-4 before attempting to set up the DavidsonSecure wireless network.

Be sure to install Microsoft Office, PawPrint and other software after you've successfully connected to the network.

Set up your iPhone, iPod, iPadgame console or other networked devices.

Also explore the many computer lab facilities on campus.

Questions or problems? Contact Student Technology for help or search Answers Online.