Windows - Laptops

  • 1.05" H x 13.86" W x 9.49" D.
  • 4.44 lbs. with battery and CD drive.
  • Wide aspect screen has 14.1" Ultrasharp diagonal (~9.37" H x 13.1" W). WXGA+ (1366x768)resolution
  • LED Display
  • 3 hours battery life, depending on use and power settings
  • Classic nylon carrying case
e6530 - larger and longer battery life
  • 1.11" H x 15.2" W x 10.16" D.
  • 5.40 lbs. with battery and CD drive.
  • Wide aspect screen has 15.4" Ultrasharp diagonal (~10.1"H x 14.1"W) WUXGA+(1366x768) resolution
  • LED Display
  • 3.5 hours battery life, depending on use and power settings.
  • Classic nylon carrying case

Standard Options for both models
Some modifications available on request

  • 3rd gen Intel® CoreTM i7-3720QM Processor  (2.6 GHz, 6M cache, Intel vProTM Technology)
  • 8 GB memory
  • 500 GB SATA Solid State Hybrid
  • CD-RW/DVD +/- RW combo drive (reads and writes CDs, reads and writes DVDs)
  • Wired and wireless networking
  • Primary battery
  • 3 year parts & labor next business day warranty with CompleteCare, which covers accidental damage and faulty parts
  • Windows 7 and Office 2010
  • External mouse
  • Classic nylon carrying case or Business nylon backpack

We have had very few incidents of theft of laptops on campus, or of campus-owned laptops while they are traveling with their owners. Nevertheless, security must be considered, both the equipment itself and of any confidential or sensitive files which might be stored on the hard drive. If your intended use of the laptop leads you to have concerns about security, please mention it during your purchase consultation so we can determine the best course of prevention and security.

Using your laptop as your primary office computer

The port replicator is of particular interest to those using the laptop as their primary office machine, as well as when traveling. A port replicator makes it much easier to switch between normal office use and ready-to-travel, and gives the office situation many of the benefits of a desktop computer. Instead of having to manually plug in an external monitor, network, power, keyboard, mouse, speakers, and any other peripherals you may have, you just slide the computer into the "dock" which gives one connection to all of those things.

Along with the port replicator you may want a monitor stand or view-dock stand.

The monitor stand is a shelf that fits over the docked laptop and can support a full-sized monitor, conserving desk space.

Alternatively, you can use the view-dock stand to hold your computer up while it is docked, so you can view the built-in display at a comfortable height and angle. You still have the convenience of an external keyboard, mouse, power, network, and any other peripherals you may use, and don't have to buy a separate monitor. ITS has one of these you can view in person if you wish.