Testimonials from Previous Participants

"The July Experience at Davidson College was a life changing experience. Not only did I get to live on a beautiful campus, meet the most amazing and interesting people and learn new things from the best professors, I got to experience the independence and freedom that an actual college student is entitled to. I also discovered talents I didn't know I had."
Lawrence - 2014

"Davidson's July Experience is the most challenging, spectacular and inspirational pre-college program for juniors and seniors. It is incentivizing and exeptionally fun, and not only does it make you a more determined, focused and well-structured student, it makes you a better composed young person. July Experience is a must-live adventure."
Hernán - 2014

"It didn't take very long for me to make lifelong friends who would study with me, dance with me and share the wonders of July Experience with me."
Ahana - 2014

"July Experience provided me with the opportunity to meet other students that share my passion for learning. The time-management skills I learned while at JE have been a huge help....and the program as a whole has certainly made answering 'Why Davidson?' on the Davidson application much easier."
Keegan - 2014