Laundry Tips

Effective May 15, 2015, the central laundry service will no longer be available. Free self-service laundry facilities are located throughout the campus for students. Learn more.

Follow these helpful tips to optimize your laundry experience.

Check your pockets

Remember to check your pockets for non-washable items before dropping off your laundry.

Laundry Number

Numbering your clothes not only helps us return your clean clothes to you, but also aids in getting items back to you that were left behind at the library, Union, Vail Commons, etc. A black or grey Sharpie works best for numbering your items.

Laundry Bag

It is important to have your laundry number on your bag (no room, phone, or sports numbers). Make sure you use your own laundry bag and not your roommate's or friend's.

Picking Up Laundry

If you want to pick-up your friend's laundry, please sign it out at the front counter of the laundry (you will need your student CatCard). If you pick up the wrong laundry bundle or find something in your bundle that is not yours, please return it to the front counter at the laundry building. It normally takes two full business days to process your clothes.


Contrary to local legend, we do not boil clothes. We use state-of-the-art, low water consuming, front-loading commercial washers, and ecologically friendly detergents to properly clean clothing. We use no softeners or perfume additives, which reduces the possibility of allergic reactions.

More tips can be found at Fabric University.