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Effective May 15, 2015, the central laundry service will no longer be available. Free self-service laundry facilities are located throughout the campus for students. Learn more.

Use these frequently asked questions to learn more about our laundry services.

How and when do I get my laundry number?

Your laundry number will be sent to you in July.

Do I need to number all my clothes?

The short answer is, "You only need to number the items you want back." You will receive a custom-designed laundry bag at orientation and you will write your laundry number on it. We identify and track your clothes based on the number on the bag. This is why it is important to use your own laundry bag and not your roommate's. There are times we need to identify your clothing individually to get it sorted properly. If there is no number on the item, we are greatly hampered in our efforts to get your clothes back to you.

Where should I put the laundry number?

Anywhere on the garment is fine-on a care label, shirttail, inside the waistband, inside the collar, bottom of a sock, etc. A black or gray Sharpie works well.

What kind of laundry bag should I use?

We are providing you with a laundry bag at Orientation as part of a new green initiative. Your clothes will come back to you folded inside your laundry bag.

Do I have to sort my clothes?

No, we separate the whites from the colors and wash the whites in warm water and the colors in cold.

What kind of detergent is used?

We use modern ecologically sensitive detergents in our washing process. We do not use chlorine bleach; we use environmentally safe Oxygen bleach. To avoid allergic reactions, none of our products have perfumes or softeners.

What services are included?

The following services are available at no charge to students:

  • Wash-Dry-Fold: You can drop off your clothes in a large cart at the laundry. It will be identified, sorted, washed, dried and folded. The cleaned laundry is placed in your bag on a shelf for you to pick up. We ask for two business days to complete the process.
  • Hanging Items: Dress shirts/blouse will be pressed, and knit shirts and pants will be returned on hangers. Be sure each item has your laundry number, then place all these items inside one of the shirts and tie the sleeves together making a neat bundle. If you have a second laundry bag, you may use that also. There is a separate cart for these items near the wash-dry-fold drop off
  • Bed Linens: During freshman orientation, you have the opportunity to sign up for sheet service. If you choose to use this service, you will receive two flat sheets, a pillowcase, and a mattress cover. You may exchange your dirty linens for clean anytime at the laundry front counter. It is very important to remember to return your linens at the end of the school year or you will be charged for them.

What about "special care" items?

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to handle special care items that require hand washing or specific drying instructions. It is your responsibility to make sure the items you submit for laundering can be washed and dried.

What other services are available?

We also offer dry cleaning and alteration services at reasonable prices. Please stop by the front counter for more information.