Pricing & Policies

Effective May 15, 2015, the central laundry service will no longer be available. Free self-service laundry facilities are located throughout the campus for students. Learn more.

Please call for prices of items not listed. Prices are subject to change.

Student Prices

Pants Press $1.50
Shorts Press $1.50
ROTC Jacket $3
ROTC Pants $3
Mattress Pad $1.50
Comforter $6
Bed Spread $6
Sleeping Bag $6
Blanket $1.50
Quilt $4.20
Duvet $1.50

Non-Student Prices

Shirt $1.25
Blanket $4.20
Shirt Folded $1.60
Sheets $2.26
Shirt Knit $1.89
Pillow Case $0.73
Shorts $3.41
Pillow Sham $1.26
Pants $4.04
Mattress Cover $4.20
Jacket $5.25
Pants Press $3.04
Coveralls $7.40
Down Comforter $11.55
Dress $7.40
Wash/Dry/Fold $1.20/pound
Blouse $3.50
Duvet $6
Skirt $4.04
Tablecloth $6.50 - $7.50
Sleeping Bag $8.40
Spreads $8.40 - $11.55
Sweater $3.62
Quilt $6

Abandoned Clothes Policies

Wildcat Self-Service Laundry Facility

Items abandoned in our Wildcat Self-Service Facility will be collected monthly. A notice will appear in the Crier announcing the collection date. Collected items will be held at the laundry front counter for two weeks, after which they will be donated to local charities.

Lula Bell Houston Central Laundry

Abandoned items (with laundry numbers) will be held for six months. You will be notified by e-mail during this period to come and pick up your items. Items not picked up will be donated to local charities. You will be given special consideration if you are away from school (study abroad, internships, etc.). Any outstanding balances on laundered items (blankets, comforters, dry-cleaning, etc.) will be charged to your student accounts.

Abandoned items without laundry numbers will be held until the end of school year and then donated to local charities.