Self-Serve Options & Availability

If you prefer to wash your own clothes, you also have free access to the self-serve laundry room in Lula Bell Laundry, as well as free washers and dryers located in Armfield, Ryburn, Tomlinson Hall, Akers, and New Hall (no quarters needed).

The Lula Bell has 16 front-loading, high-efficiency washer/dryer units and two industrial-sized units, plus computer stations, access to wireless Internet, a flat-screen television, comfortable furniture, and several vending machines.


Use LaundryView to see what machines are available at the self-service laundry facilities and even how many minutes are left in each machine's cycle. You can load your clothes in the washer, go back to your room, the Union, or the Belk Lab, and then go online to find out if it is time to put them in the dryer.