The Writing Requirement

Every student must satisfy the writing requirement before entering their sophomore year. A student may fulfill the requirement in one of two ways.

  1. A student may fulfill the requirement by completing a WRI 101 course. Each section of WRI 101 has a unique thematic topic but the same academic writing skills will be covered, regardless of that theme.
  2. A student may also fulfill the requirement by completing HUM 104. The Humanities two-course sequence includes the two-credit HUM 103 course (Fall) and the one-credit HUM 104 course (Spring). Once a student completes HUM 104, he/she receives credit for completing the writing requirement and the Historical Thought and Literary Studies, Creative Writing and Rhetoric distribution requirements.

The writing requirement may be fulfilled only by a course taken at Davidson, not by a credit from AP, IB or joint high school/college enrollment.

Please visit the Writing Program  and the Humanities Program for further information.