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Davidson 101

Davidson 101 (DAV101) provides new students with the facts and skills necessary for safe and healthy lives at Davidson. The course also introduces essential principles and skills for balanced and successful lives beyond the college community, including career decision-making, interpersonal relationships, and healthy lifestyles.


Students must complete workshops in the following categories:

  • Alcohol Education (Web based)
  • Career Development (1 hour)
  • Diversity (1 hour)
  • Human Sexuality (1 hour)
  • Library Information (Web based)
  • Realizing Your Risk (1 hour)

Because of the large number of enrollment options and scheduling flexibility, no additional or make-up classes are scheduled. No excused absences are given. Completing DAV101 in its entirety is a graduation requirement. What you do not complete your first year, you will have to complete your sophomore year.

If you have questions regarding Davidson 101 enrollment, please email or call 704-894-2623.