Academics & Research

Due to the triple bottom line approach the Sustainability serves as a resource for students and faculty of all disciplines, ready to provide case studies and other information to support the goals of existing and new courses. We provide support and projects, in partnership with the Center for Civic Engagement, in courses ranging from mathematics to anthropology to the sciences and more.

The Environmental Studies program offers both a major and a concentration. The major provides overview courses, breadth and depth components, and a capstone project in the senior year. The concentration gives you a broad exposure to a range of environmental issues. Environmental studies faculty and courses represent the multi-disciplinary nature of sustainability by including anthropology, biology, chemistry, economics, English, and more.

Research opportunities abound on the subject of sustainability. You can apply for an alumni-funded green grant, participate in the sustainability scholars program, design a study abroad research topic centered on sustainable issues, and collaborate with faculty on sustainable research projects.