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Transfer Credit

Davidson College accepts credits from other colleges and universities based upon equivalency in terms of level, content, quality, comparability, and program relevance to a liberal arts curriculum.  The following conditions must typically be met.

  • The college or university must be accredited for a "liberal arts and general program" or have similar accreditation abroad.
  • A maximum of two online/hybrid courses may be transferred. The courses must involve ongoing interaction with instructors and not be independent, self-paced modules.
  • The courses are consistent with the academic objectives of a liberal arts curriculum and the mission of Davidson College.
  • Credit by examination (except AP/IB) are not transferable.

Authority for approving transfer credit rests with the Registrar, who also may determine whether a course satisfies a non-major graduation requirement. Authority for determining whether a transfer credit will count toward a major, a minor, or an interdisciplinary minor rests with the appropriate chair.

The course must be completed with a grade of C-minus or better. "Pass" grades (or similar) are accepted only if the transcript indicates that the grade represents work of C-minus or better. The Davidson transcript shows a grade of:

  • Davidson faculty taught courses = Letter Grades or P grades
  • Non-Davidson faculty taught courses on Davidson programs = P grades
  • Non-Davidson faculty taught courses on non-Davidson programs = UG grades.

Transfer credits and grades do not affect Davidson GPA and do not count toward the limit of P/F.

We do not transfer more than four courses in a semester or two in a summer, though in a few special cases approved in advance, three in a summer may be permissible. In general: 3-5 semester hours yields one Davidson credit; 6-9 yields two; 10-13 yields three.

If you are a current student and planning to study abroad or take summer classes at another school, complete the Authorization to Transfer Credit (DOC) form. The courses will be evaluated and you will be notified of which courses will transfer back to Davidson.

Upon completion of a program at another institution, the student should have a transcript sent directly to:

Registrar's Office
Davidson College Box 7154
Davidson, NC 28035-7154