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Ethics Across the Curriculum

Ethics is deeply imbedded in the life of Davidson College, due in no small part to its rich tradition of reverence for an Honor Code overseen by a student-run Honor Council. The college also offers a great variety of ethics-related courses across several academic disciplines: more than 30 courses focus primarily on ethics, and nearly 20 others include discussion of ethics as a significant if secondary element.

The courses are distinguished here between 1) those in which ethics is the main focus, and 2) others in which ethics is a significant element but not a primary or predominant one. Course offerings vary from semester to semester, see the College Catalog for current information.

Courses That Focus Primarily on Ethics 

Courses at Davidson College in which ethics is the main focus.

Courses in Which Ethics is a Significant but Secondary Focus

Courses at Davidson College in which ethics is addressed to a significant degree but is not the primary focus.