Ethics Consulting

The Vann Center for Ethics staff is experienced in advising corporations, government agencies and non-profits on assessing and reducing their ethical risks. Our consulting services include conducting confidential interviews of employees, sharing sanitized interview results with management, giving presentations on ethics inside the organization, and working with management to draft a code of ethics and develop related internal workshops. As a non-profit, our professional fees are relatively modest. We can also call on specialists in related fields when appropriate to meet the needs of particular organizations.

Ethical issues and problems can arise in organizations for many different reasons, including:

  • Pressures to shortchange quality or safety in a tight economy.
  • Temptations to take shortcuts to meet unrealistic deadlines.
  • Inordinate focus on short-term profits.
  • A misguided belief that one can only compete with unscrupulous competitors by sinking to their level.
  • Management rewarding any employees who meet their objectives, even when they do so unethically.
  • Lack of a clear set of ethical principles and values exhibited by influential organizational leaders.
  • Inadequate understanding throughout the organization of how ethical principles applies to them.
  • A culture that "shoots the messengers" of bad news.

Contact the director of the Vann Center, David Perry, at or 704-894-2285, for further information.