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Business Expense Reimbursement Policy


The college will reimburse employees for approved business expenses. To request reimbursement, employees must submit a Payment Request Form that documents the business purpose for each expenditure. For all expenses greater than $25, the employee must attach Supporting Documentation (see Supporting Documentation section, below) to the Payment Request Form. Payment requests for travel, including airline tickets, as well as meals, and entertainment, must also identify the person(s) included in such expense. All business expense reimbursements must have approval of the employee's direct supervisor, department head or other authorized individual prior to submitting the reimbursement request. An employee may not approve his or her own business expenses.


Employees should refer to the College Travel Policy for specific reimbursement policies related to travel.

College Corporate Credit Cards

Employees should refer to the College Corporate Credit Card Policy for specific policies related to proper use of the corporate credit card.


Faculty should refer to the Faculty Handbook for specific reimbursement policies related to Campus Interview meal reimbursements (Faculty Policy 2.2.3.E.5), the faculty "free" lunch with students program (Faculty Policy 2.5.4.H.1) and travel reimbursement policy and meal per diems (Faculty Policy 2.7.6).

Supporting Documentation

To prevent duplicate payments and satisfy auditing requirements, all expenses greater than $25 must be accompanied by documentation such as receipts, invoices, contracts, etc. and an explanation of the business purpose of such expense.

  1. Awards: Documentation must include a description of the award and the person to whom the award is being presented.
  2. Conference Registration: Documentation must include a copy of the conference flyer/registration statement, or a statement providing the date, purpose, and agenda of the conference.
  3. Flights: Please note that flights should be booked using the departmental UATP # when possible. This will help eliminate encumbering of the corporate credit card limit.
    Documentation must include a flight itinerary and a detailed explanation for the business purpose of the flight(s). Itinerary must include the traveler's name, fare amount paid, proof and method of payment, and flight details (destination, departure/return dates and times). Seat upgrade and change fees (e.g., First class, business class, preferred seating, etc.) are not considered a business expense and must be paid by the employee. A personal check for the fees incurred should be included with the corporate credit card payment request form. Whenever possible, please limit checked bags to one.
  4. Honorariums/Contractual Expenses (including guest lecturers, consultants and other independent contractors): Documentation must include a copy of the contract that includes the full name and address of the vendor/individual to be paid, the agreed upon fee/hourly rate, and a full description of the goods/services to be provided. If travel expenses are also being paid, these expenses should be supported with original receipts/invoices. Contracts must be approved by an employee with Contract Authority and reviewed by the appropriate college representative(s), as specified in the Contract Policy.
  5. Meals: Employees must provide receipts for meals charged, explain the business purpose of such meals and include the name(s) of additional people attending the meal. The detailed receipts (as opposed to the summary receipt) should be submitted. North Carolina sales tax for meals charges to the corporate card should be reported on the corporate credit card payment request form.
  6. Mileage: When requesting mileage reimbursement for business travel in personal vehicles, please document the business purpose, destination and actual mileage driven. An explanation of how the mileage reimbursement was calculated (e.g., number of miles traveled and mileage rate per mile) should also be submitted. Since the mileage rate includes compensation for gas and depreciation, employees may not request reimbursement for gas.
  7. Order, Registration and Subscription Forms: These forms serve as valid documentation for prepayments and should accompany the check request.

Administration of Policy

The vice president for finance and administration shall oversee this policy and review it at least once every two years. Changes to this policy shall be made in accordance with the college's Policy on Policies.

Date of Adoption: September 2011
Last Revised: January 2014