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Checks Endorsed by Students Policy: Loan Checks


A majority of student loan disbursements come to Davidson College in the form of an Electronic Funds Transfer. Occasionally, a student loan provider will make a disbursement by a paper check.


This policy seeks to inform students and college employees of the procedure for processing a paper check payable to a student or parent (Stafford Loan checks are issued in the student's name and Plus Loan checks are issued in the parent's name).


The Office of Financial Aid shall forward any student loan disbursements arriving in the form of a paper check to the Office of Business Services.

The Office of Business Services shall obtain the necessary endorsements so that the check may be deposited and posted to the student's account.

Administration of Policy

The Controller/Director of Business Services shall oversee this policy and review it at least once every two years. Changes to this policy shall be made in accordance with the college's Policy on Policies.

The Office of Business Services shall observe the following administrative procedures:

  1. Go to form TSASPAY
  2. Type in ‘Term'
  3. Type in "ID #'
  4. Ctrl+page down
  5. Click on flashlight beside Financial Aid
  6. Click on Review Financial Aid (Roasmry)
  7. Ctrl+page down-3 times
  8. Loan with ‘Feed"=N
  9. Locate correct amount, correct term, and correct check number
  10. Change N to Y
  11. Commit
  12. Exit
  13. Screen will say ‘** Running Disbursement... Please wait**'
  14. Message at bottom of screen will say ‘Disbursement Program has run successfully'
  15. Enter
  16. Financial Aid authorization amount should be ‘0'
  17. Repeat steps until all endorsed checks have been ‘disbursed'

The printing process is the same for all student payments.