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Departmental Cash Receipts Policy


The Office of Business Services assists college departments with the processing of their cash, check, and credit card receipts.


This policy seeks to inform the Office of Business Services and other departments of how cash, check, and credit card receipts are processed.


All cash and checks should be sent to the Cashier in the Office of Business Services along with a Cash Receipts Form within one week of receipt.

All bank card transactions should be prepared for deposit. The daily totals should be recorded on the special Business Services Credit Card Transactions Form along with a copy of each Credit Card Transaction and sent to the attention of the Cashier in the Office of Business Services within one week of the transaction date so as to ensure compliance with the bank's thirty day window (beginning on the transaction date) for processing bank card transactions.

The Cash Receipts Form and the Credit Card Transactions Form must be dated and signed by the person preparing the form.

The Cash Receipts Form must be approved.

Administration of Policy

The Controller/Director of Business Services shall oversee this policy and review it at least once every two years. Changes to this policy shall be made in accordance with the college's Policy on Policies.

Cash Receipts Forms and Credit Card Transactions Forms are available in the Office of Business Services.

The Office for Business Services shall observe the following procedures when processing Departmental Cash Receipts:

Upon receipt of Cash/Checks attached to the Cash Receipt Form:

  1. The Cashier verifies the total amount received with the total amount shown on the Cash Receipt Form.
  2. The Check/Cash is added and should be the same as the total of the batch of Cash Receipt Forms.
  3. Stamp/endorse checks.
  4. Prepare a Deposit Ticket for the amount of the cash. Deposit checks electronically.
  5. The WHITE copy of the Deposit Ticket is sent to Wachovia along with the cash. The YELLOW copy of the Deposit Ticket and the RDC detail report are attached to the batch of Cash Receipt Forms.
  6. This batch of daily receipts is put into a Specially Prepared Folder labeled: "Cash Receipt Forms to be Posted". All the Cash Receipts will be posted to the designated accounts shown on the
  7. Cash Receipt Forms prepared by each department submitting monies.

Upon Receipt of Credit Card Transaction Forms:

  1. The following Department Credit Card Bank Codes should be used:
    • Alumni 12
    • Annual Fund 02
    • Athletic Ticket Office 07
    • Athletic Foundation 07
    • Bookstore* 03
    • CatCard Services 15
    • College Union 08
    • Dining Service 15
    • Guest House 02
    • WDAV 02
  2. Each department completes the Credit Card process with the BANK. 
  3. As Credit Card Forms are received with attached copies of the Credit Card Transaction Forms, the Cashier checks the Merchant I.D.# and puts the proper Code on each form.
  4. Credit Card Transaction Forms are placed in the appropriate specially prepared folder to be posted to the designated accounts supplied by each department.
  5. *The Bookstore Form is a combination of both Cash/Check Transactions and Credit Card Transactions and have a separate specially prepared folder.
  6. Note: All cash/check and credit card transactions are posted to journal voucher entry form FGAJVCD.