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Incoming Student Deposit Policy


Incoming students are required to pay a $500 deposit to the college. Deposits are collected in the Office of Admission. The Office of Admission submits the deposits, along with the student's ID#, name, address, parent's name, and entry term for the student, to the cashier in the Business Services Office.


This policy seeks to inform affected college departments of how incoming student deposits are processed.


The Office of Admission shall forward all Incoming Student Deposits received.

The Office of Business Services shall post these deposits to the incoming student's account.

Administration of Policy

The Controller/Director of Business Services shall oversee this policy and review it at least once every two years. Changes to this policy shall be made in accordance with the college's Policy on Policies.

The Cashier for the Office of Business Services shall observe the following procedures while processing incoming student deposits:

  1. Go to TSAMASS
  2. Enter DEPO and the term: 200201
  3. Page down to deposit screen (If deposit is paid online, via ECSI, enter DECC for credit card payment and DEPA for ACH payment)
  4. The $500 amount is preset and shows in the amount block
  5. The anticipated graduation date is entered as the release date
  6. The printing process is the same for all student payments