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Journal Entry Policy


The Office of Business Services assists college departments with Journal Entries into the General Ledger.


This policy seeks to inform college departments of the deadlines for journal entry submission.


Departments requesting Journal Entry processing must submit the Journal Entry forms to the Business Services Staff Assistant no later than the tenth of the month for transactions to be included on the budget reports for the previous month. Any Journal Entry forms received after the tenth will be processed in the next budget month.

Administration of Policy

The Controller/Director of Business Services shall oversee this policy and review it at least once every two years. Changes to this policy shall be made in accordance with the college's Policy on Policies.

By way of example, a Journal Entry form received on April 9 with a March transaction date will be posted to the General Ledger as of March 31. If the same form were received April 11, it would be posted to the General Ledger in April.

The Office of Business Services shall observe the following procedures as journal entries are completed:

  1. Check JE date and approval signature on manual JE form received from campus.
  2. Debit and Credit totals must balance.
  3. Calculate document total. Doc total = debit total multiplied by 2.
  4. Go to form FGAJVCD,(enter).
  5. For document number, type next, (enter) and (Ctrl & Pg Dwn). You will receive a message, Document number will be supplied at commit time, click on ok.
  6. Type transaction date, (enter). Type in document total, (enter). (Ctrl & Pg Dwn to continue).
  7. Place document number on top page of Journal Forms.
  8. Enter the following Fields:
    • Tab to journal type, type FT01 (enter). (Enter) to fund, type in number (enter). Type orgn number (enter). Type acct number, (enter). Type prog number. Type amount, (enter). Type D or C for Debit or Credit, (enter). Go to description field and type explanation from voucher form, (enter).
  9. Use down arrow key to continue with next entry. F4 to copy previous record. Make necessary changes to fund #, org #, acct #, amount, and D/C. Arrow down to next record.
  10. When all entries are complete, use Ctrl & Pg Dwn, which moves you to the completion screen. Click on Complete. If there are no errors "Document completed and forwarded to the posting process" will display at bottom of screen. Total for entries keyed and the document total must equal and the debits and credits must balance before the document will complete.
  11. Click on Transaction Summary at any time for a condensed review of totals and information you have keyed.