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Commercial Photography Request Policy


Images appearing on any web site owned by Davidson College or any other images maintained in any format are exclusively owned by Davidson College unless noted otherwise. All images owned by Davidson College are protected by copyright immediately upon creation and transfixion into a tangible form perceptible directly or with the aid of a machine.


This policy seeks to inform employees and the campus community of the college's intent to protect images it owns as well as inform individuals of the process by which permission to use those images may be requested.


No image owned by Davidson College may be used for any purpose without the express written permission of the director of photography.

Administration of Policy

The Director of Photography shall oversee this policy and review it at least once every two years. Changes to this policy shall be made in accordance with the college's Policy on Policies.

Requests should be submitted to the director of photography prior to using any photograph owned by the college. College-owned photographs appear in a variety of locations, including but not limited to: the college web site(s), written publications, mailings, etc. Requests should describe the purpose for the use as well as the format, caption (if applicable), and context. Davidson College reserves the right to deny permission to any individual or entity for any reason.

Although Davidson College maintains complete discretion as to which individuals and/or entities receive permission to use college-owned photographs, requests for uses associated with news articles, magazine articles, or other news publications are more likely to be accepted. Purely commercial uses are unlikely to receive permission.

Requests to use college facilities for commercial photography shoots should be submitted to the Guest Services Office and are subject to the Commercial Photography On-Campus Policy.

Last Revised: Sept. 16, 2015