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Alumni & Student Contact Information Policy


Frequently, the Alumni Relations Office is contacted by alumni and students with requests for alumni contact information. The college seeks to protect the privacy of both its alumni and students, but also recognizes the value in encouraging and supporting the networking of alumni and students.


This policy seeks to inform alumni and students of the college's policy on sharing of contact information.


The Alumni Relations Office will provide limited information on selected alumni when such requests do not violate confidentiality.

The granting of requests must comply with FERPA and other federal and state privacy laws.


Alumni requests for contact information should be sent to Please include the purpose for the request and the information sought.

Requests for "lists" of alumni for non-college (commercial or non-commercial) use will not be granted. Requests for the contact information of individuals that has been designated as confidential will not be granted. The list must not be used for charitable, commercial, political or professional use.

The director and staff will consider requests. They may first suggest that alumni look up contact information themselves by using the Alumni Directory.

Student requests for alumni contact information:

  • Students who are requesting to contact alumni for career networking purposes must contact the Center for Career Development. Career Center staff will evaluate student requests, train students in appropriate networking techniques, and give access to the Davidson Career Advisor Network (DCAN) and/or the alumni directory as they deem appropriate. Students requesting contact information for non-networking purposes should send requests to
  • The Alumni Relations Office cannot provide names or contact information of alumni who participated in specific student organizations, including Patterson Court groups.
    • Alumni Relations can, however, help groups develop and maintain their own contact lists. In addition, Alumni Relations can include a note on the group's behalf in the college eNewsletter asking for any alumni interested in being contacted by the Patterson Court organization to get in touch with an individual within the group.

The Alumni Relations Director shall oversee this policy and review it at least once every two years. Changes to this policy shall be made in accordance with the college's Policy on Policies.

Last Revised: 9/16/2015