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Development Assistance of Student Organization Fundraising


College Relations Office has a dual mission: 1) to communicate with external constituencies (alumni, parents, friends, business and industry) and the college community the goals, objectives, news, and events of Davidson and 2) to involve these same constituencies in the life of Davidson College. Included within the auspices of College Relations are Alumni Relations, College Communications, Development, Donor Relations, and WDAV offices. Frequently, these entities receive requests from student organizations seeking assistance with various fundraising or outreach activities. Because the Board of Trustees has charged College Relations with its dual missions of communicating with external constituencies and encouraging their involvement with the college, College Relations has a limited ability to allocate resources to non-Davidson College causes and/or activities.


This policy seeks to inform the campus of the college's policy for assisting recognized student organizations with fundraising and outreach.


College Relations staff shall prioritize Davidson College sponsored fundraising and outreach over non-college activities. Recognized student organization fundraising for programs that do not directly and exclusively support the college are considered non-college activities.

Recognized student organizations shall submit a request for assistance prior to receiving any guidance or resources from College Relations. Requests for assistance should be made within the first three weeks of each semester.

Administration of Policy

The Associate Vice President for Development shall oversee this policy and review it at least once every two years. Changes to this policy shall be made in accordance with the college's Policy on Policies.

All requests must be submitted in writing by email or in person to the College Relations staff person being sought for assistance. The request shall describe the type of assistance desired and the purpose of the fundraiser or outreach.

The request may be accepted, accepted with conditions, or denied for any reason.

Last Revised: 9/16/2015