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Age Requirement for Check-in Policy


The Davidson College Guest House often accommodates prospective student minors conducting their college search. Additionally, minors often come on campus for various programs and camps.


This policy seeks to protect the college from liability due to the status of the guest's infancy.


All guests checking in to the Davidson College Guest House shall be above the age of eighteen and may be required to submit a photo identification for age verification. Guests under the age of eighteen may check in to the Guest House if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Administration of Policy

The Manager of the Guest House shall oversee this policy and review it at least once every two years. Changes to this policy shall be made in accordance with the college's Policy on Policies.

Guest House employees shall ask for photo identification to verify the age of any guest appearing to be under the age of thirty. If a minor is accompanied by a parent or guardian not present at check-in, the minor may be given a key to deposit luggage provided the adult immediately returns to the Guest House to complete the check-in.

Last Reviewed: Summer 2010​