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Damaged Garment Policy


This policy informs customers of the college's policy for processing claims that the laundry is responsible for Damage to laundered garments.


Garments found to have been Damaged by the processes of the Lula Bell Houston Laundry may be reimbursable if Lula Bell Houston Laundry is responsible for the Damage.


"Damage" refers to the condition of an article of clothing that is torn, faded, shrunk, permanently wrinkled, or has an unraveled seam. Laundry staff shall determine if an item is Damaged.

Administration of Policy

The Director of Laundry Services shall oversee this policy and review it at least once every two years. Changes to this policy shall be made in accordance with the college's Policy on Policies.

The laundry shall not be responsible for:

  • Damage occurring due to the negligence of the student such as an item left in a pocket (lipstick, chapstick, marker, pen, etc.).
  • Damage resulting from the care label having been removed from the garment.
  • Student's failure to follow care label instructions. Ultimately it is the student's responsibility to submit items to the laundry's wash/dry/fold service that are capable of withstanding machine washing and tumble drying.
  • Damage due to a manufacturers defect (bad stitching, bad care instructions, dye failure, etc.).

Reimbursement Procedure for Damaged Garments

The customer must submit an itemization of items damaged within four (4) weeks of receipt of garment. The itemization must include a description, date of the laundry service, and amount paid for service. The laundry will use the International Fabric Institute's "Claims Adjustment Values Criteria" table in determining value of lost/damaged items. Reimbursement vouchers will be submitted to Business Services after all searches have been exhausted and ample time has passed to allow for return of any lost articles.

Last Reviewed: January 2016