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Facility Use Policy


Davidson College's central mission is to educate young men and women for lives of leadership and service. Use of college facilities by Non-College Groups is secondary to this mission. The Guest Services Department is charged with processing all inquiries from Non-College Groups.


This policy seeks to inform the public on the policies and procedures directing the Guest House as it considers use of college facilities by Non-College Groups.


Davidson College permits use of college facilities by Non College Groups at its discretion. The college shall consider the guidelines and practices contained in this policy document but may refuse any request for any reason.


"Non-College Groups" are individuals and groups whose proposed use of facilities is unrelated to any official college business.

"Non-College Activity" is any activity that is not sponsored by a college department.

"Departmental Events" are events sponsored by college departments and/or chartered student organizations and are not subject to the Facility Use Policy for Non-College Groups.

"Professional Association Activities" are Non-College Activities sponsored by a professional organization. Such organizations include, but are not limited to: the Mecklenburg County Bar Association, the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce, or Downtown Davidson, Inc.

Administration of Policy

The Director of Auxiliary Services shall oversee this policy and review it at least once every two years. Changes to this policy shall be made in accordance with the college's Policy on Policies.

The following requirements must be met before any Non-College Group's request for use of a college facility may be accommodated:

A Certificate of Insurance listing the Trustees of Davidson College as an additionally insured party at an amount no less than $1,000,000 (see specific insurance requirements in Facility Use Agreement), or if the Non-College Group is self-insured, a letter indicating that the Non-College Group is extending coverage to the college at an amount no less than $1,000,000,

  1. An explicit description of the nature of the proposed activity, expected participants, and all other logistical needs of the activity shall be submitted,
  2. A signed Facility Use Agreement. The Facility Use Agreement shall include a user non-discrimination clause derived from the college's Non-Discrimination Policy for Facility Use,
  3. Payment of rental fees for space in addition to all direct costs for an event (room set up, technical support, public safety staffing, etc) shall be made in full,
  4. Right of first refusal shall be given to Much Ado, (Davidson College Catering) for all food and beverage needs.

The following factors shall be considered prior to accommodating Non-College Groups regardless of whether school is in session:

  1. Compatibility with the college mission as reflected in the college's Statement of Purpose
  2. Potential for economic enhancement
  3. Opportunity to support college alumni and friends
  4. Development of community relations
  5. Compatibility with Physical Plant maintenance and construction needs

In addition to these factors, the following shall be considered prior to accommodating Non-College Groups when the college is in session:

  1. Potential interference with official academic and extra-curricular activity
  2. Size of the Non-College Group
  3. Location and length of meeting

The following guidelines shall influence Guest Services staff as they consider requests from Non-College Groups

Professional Association Activity

A Professional Association Activity is classified as Non-College Activity, regardless of whether an employee of the college is a member of the association. Therefore, this activity will be considered by referring to the selection criteria and requirements listed above prior to any accommodation. Typically, Professional Association Activities will not be scheduled when school is in session.

The college may allow a Professional Association Activity that is clearly related to an employee's work at the college and that has attendance of 50 or fewer participants, to be scheduled during the college session depending upon anticipated needs for space for any college purpose. These groups shall sign a Facility Use Agreement but will only incur direct charges (room set-ups, staffing support, etc). Rental charges will not typically apply. These groups will be asked to provide a Certificate of Insurance. If the association does not carry any business liability insurance, the college may choose to waive this requirement and cover the group's activity under the college insurance policy. The Guest Services Department will determine whether such meetings can be accommodated in consultation with the College Union. The Guest Services Department will consider the nature of the group's activity in determining whether it can be covered by the college policy. Finally, Much Ado, (Davidson College Catering) shall retain right of first refusal for all food and beverage needs.

Professional Association Activities initiated, planned, and funded by a department (as opposed to an association) that involves inviting fellow professionals from other schools or companies is regarded as a Departmental Event and therefore is not subject to the requirements of this policy.

Worship Activity

The college at its discretion may identify a religious activity as an important worship opportunity for our students, faculty, and staff to enjoy. In these instances, though an outside entity may be the organizing agent of the service, the service is regarded as a Departmental Event of the Chaplain's Office. The service may be booked in campus space while school is in session and no rental fees shall be charged. The client will, however, be required to provide a Certificate of Insurance to the Guest Services Office and sign a Facility Use Agreement. The service provider must submit a request to the Chaplain's Office to make all logistical arrangements for the worship event. In turn the Chaplain's Office shall provide this information to the appropriate service provider (Physical Plant or College Union Scheduling Office)

Requests for worship service space that are not specifically endorsed by the college, may still be accommodated, but will be considered against the selection criteria and requirements listed above.

Entertainment/Cultural Activities

The college does not generally accommodate space for broadly advertised entertainment and cultural activities. The college will consider accommodating activities of an entertainment nature that that are made available by invitation to a limited and known population. The college will consider accommodating a public event when school is out of session as part of a broader contract that includes performances during the school year for the benefit of the student body. Any college department negotiating such an arrangement must contact Guest Services before making any commitments.

Parent Events

The college classifies events provided by parents whose children are involved in a common college activity (e.g., sports teams, student organizations, work groups, etc.) as departmental in nature, covered by college insurance, subject only to direct costs, and allowed to be scheduled as any other Departmental Event. Because parents are often significantly involved in planning these events, it is required that Much Ado, (Davidson College Catering) be given right of first refusal for all food and beverage needs. This provides the college with an appropriate level of control. Beyond catering arrangements, all coordination of event details shall be handled by the college employee responsible for planning the event (e.g., coach, department head, etc.). These individuals, and not parents, shall contact the specific college service providers (physical plant, technical services, etc.). Parents may, however, contact Davidson Catering (Much Ado) to coordinate the planning of food and beverages.

Commencement Day brunches organized by groups of parents of graduating seniors shall be included as a Parent Event. These will be specifically coordinated by the Guest Services Office. Due to the breadth of activity on campus on Commencement Day, only a limited number of venues can be made available. Guest Services, in conjunction with the Physical Plant, will identify these venues prior to the event date.

Individual Student Requests

Individual student requests for space for activity unrelated to academic work or unrelated to chartered student clubs and organizations are classified as outside activity, and subject to the standard selection criteria and requirements. Activity that is part of recognized clubs and organizations is, by definition, a Departmental Event.

Outdoor Events

The college will not accommodate outdoor events, particularly those including tents, except in those situations when adequate control and privacy can be assured.

Faculty/Staff Personal Events

Personal events for faculty and staff, including activity by a civic or church group to which a faculty or staff member belongs, are classified as Non-College Events and will be considered against the selection criteria and requirements listed above. Full rental and direct charges apply.

Faculty/Staff Athletic Camps and Instruction

When practical, athletic camps will be given priority over Non-College Groups regarding the scheduling of college facilities. Rates charged to such camps will be reviewed on a regular basis.

Use by Political Candidates or Organizations

The college does not rent facilities to political candidates or parties for fund-raising or other political activities. Requests for space from non-partisan agencies to provide a venue for public debate will be considered against the selection criteria and requirements listed above.

Alumni Functions for Sports Contest Opponents

Requests for space from alumni departments of schools against whom we are competing in a home athletic contest are classified as Non-College Activity and will be considered against the selection criteria and requirements listed above. Guest Services, in consultation with the Davidson College Alumni Office, reserves the right to consider the potential for a reciprocal arrangement with the inquiring institution in making this determination. Should this potential be strong, the college may choose to accommodate the request without charge and schedule it during the school year. A Certificate of Insurance and completed Facility Use Agreement are still required and the client must give Much Ado (Davidson College Catering) right of first refusal for all food and beverage needs.

The following guidelines are specific to the listed venue

Carnegie Guest House

The Carnegie Guest House may be booked for Non-College Activities only when the entire facility (all eight overnight rooms) is booked by the one group. It is the responsibility of the Guest Services Manager to ensure that such activities do not interfere with Departmental Events. Further, it is the responsibility of the Guest House Manager to block out dates when the facility will be needed for major campus events and refuse outside reservations.

Erwin Lodge

Erwin Lodge is a venue that may be regularly booked for Non-College Activities while school is in session. Requests for its use are first fielded by the Union Calendar Coordinator who considers potential conflicts with any college activity before forwarding these requests to the Guest Services Office. In keeping with the conditions established when it was given as a gift to the college, special consideration is given to use by the local community. Guest Services will follow up on all requirements for Non-College Groups described in this document. Guest Services is to receive all rental fees associated with these activities. Alcohol is not allowed in or around the Lodge.

Carolina Inn, Blackwell House Sun Room

Each of these spaces is managed and booked by the specific college department housed therein. Requests for their use are first fielded by the respective facility manager who considers potential conflicts with any college activity before forwarding these requests to the Guest Services Office. Guest Services will follow up on all requirements for Non-College Groups described in this document. Guest Services shall receive all rental fees associated with these activities.

Venue Responsible Department
Carolina Inn Center for Interdisciplinary Studies
Blackwell House Sun Room Alumni Office

WDAV Boswell Community Room

WDAV may independently schedule Non-College Groups in the Boswell Community Room. WDAV may request waiver of the insurance requirement for those groups that do not carry liability coverage, but contribute to the fulfillment of WDAV's core mission. These waiver requests are directed to the Guest Services Coordinator. Further, WDAV shall collect and retain any and all fees associated with rental of the Community Room or any other part of the WDAV building and is responsible for setting these rental rates. WDAV may establish whatever fee structure it deems appropriate including reduced fees for particular individuals or entities. WDAV will inform Guest Services of all outside bookings as well as provide signed Facility Use Agreements and insurance documentation.

Davidson Lake Campus

All inquiries for use of the Davidson Lake Campus are directed to Lee Jones (email: at the Lake Campus Facility. Alcohol is not allowed at the Lake Campus.

Last Reviewed: Summer 2010​