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Moving and Relocation Reimbursement Policy


Davidson College recognizes that new employees selected as a result of a national or regional search should be granted some reimbursement of Normal Moving Expenses (see Definitions below). Specific moving benefits will be listed in the offer letter to the new employee.


This policy seeks to inform new employees of the college's moving and relocation guidelines.


The college shall assist certain new employees with moving and relocation expenses. The following general categories shall guide the college's assistance:

Category 1: 80% Payment of Normal Moving Expenses

Moving expenses for new tenure-track faculty will be paid at 80%. Moving expenses for new staff selected for positions classified at or above Grade 9 will be paid at 80%.

Category 2: $2,500 Lump Sum Reimbursement for Full-time Visiting Faculty

New, full-time, visiting faculty members will be paid the lesser of $2,500 or 80% of actual moving expenses.

Category 3: $1,000 Lump Sum Reimbursement

New salaried employees selected for positions classified as Grade 5, 6, 7 or 8 will be paid the lesser of: $1,000 or 80% of actual moving expenses.


"Normal Moving Expenses" includes basic packaging and transportation fees. Additional expenses charged for moving large or unusual items (such as, pianos, automobiles, extraordinary cost to move works of art, etc.) will not be considered a reimbursable expense.

Administration of Policy

The director of property management and grounds shall oversee this policy and review it at least once every two years. Changes to this policy shall be made in accordance with the college's Policy on Policies.


  1. New employees must move at least 50 miles to be eligible for this benefit.
  2. Moving expenses must be incurred within one year of the date of employment.
  3. The moving expense payment/reimbursement category of the new employee will be indicated in the offer letter.
  4. This policy covers expenses incurred to move belongings within the continental United States. The new employee is responsible for any costs associated with the transport of personal belongings from another country or US territory to the continental United States.
  5. The President must approve exceptions to this policy.

New employees utilizing this benefit should use the following procedures:

Guidelines For 80% Benefit

New employees eligible for 80% payment of moving expenses should make all moving arrangements through the Davidson College Housing Office of the Physical Plant at 704-894-2734. The college has contracted with a national moving service which provides a group discount to the college. The Physical Plant Office must make initial contact with the moving company to authorize payment by Davidson College.

Moving which is arranged through the college's contracted moving service will be billed directly to the college. Once the billing has been received, the college pays the entire bill and forwards an invoice to the new employee for the remaining amount or percentage. The 80% benefit applies only to the movement of belongings. Meals, hotel costs, etc. are not reimbursable in this category.

Guidelines For $2,500 or $1,000 Lump Sum Reimbursement

Employees eligible for this benefit can personally arrange for moving and retain all receipts, or arrange for moving through the Davidson College Housing Office of the Physical Plant, 704-894-2734. All moving expenses charged by the contracted moving company will be billed to the college. The employee will receive an invoice for the amount beyond the eligible reimbursement. Receipts for actual moving expenses should be presented to the Housing Office. Since this benefit has a $2,500 or $1,000 maximum, employees (moving themselves) may submit receipts for gas, hotel, meals, etc. in addition to receipts for truck/trailer rental and packing materials.

Moving Provisions and Exclusions

In general, the college will only pay for the movement of belongings from one location. Additional expenses charged for moving large or unusual items (such as, pianos, automobiles, boats, extraordinary cost to move works of art, etc.) will not be considered a reimbursable expense.

Questions regarding eligibility or reimbursement procedures should be directed to the Human Resources office at 704-894-2212.

Please note the following:

Davidson College will be providing you with support to help you move to the Davidson area. As stated in our policy, we deal frequently with United/Armstrong Movers who will bill the college directly for their services. We will then collect your share of the moving expenses from you, once you have arrived in Davidson. Please note that you may use another moving company; however, in this case, you must pay the moving expenses yourself and then, upon submission of a receipt, receive reimbursement for the college's share of the moving expense. Alternatively, you may move yourself and maintain all receipts for reimbursement. In cases where you do use a moving company, we require you to get a written estimate from that corporation, United/Armstrong or other, and to submit this estimate in advance to the college, c/o Mike Kessler. Please note that the college cannot stand behind any moving expense estimate provided by any moving company. Please try to work carefully with the company to ensure the most accurate estimate.

The new employee is responsible for being at destination point to accept delivery of all household items. This includes being at the location in time to open the unit, check off items on the delivery sheet as they are removed from the truck and sign required paperwork for the driver. Employees of the housing department are not allowed to accept delivery and should not have to make last minute arrangements on the new employee's behalf. New employees should make arrangements with other members of their department in the event they cannot meet the delivery truck.