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Policy on Policies

Format, Creation, Promulgation, and Review

To effectively carry out the educational mission of the school, Davidson College maintains policies and procedures providing for efficient and effective operations.

This policy creates a process for the formation and review of college policies and provides for their inclusion on the college web site. These policies and procedures will ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and promote effective management and operational practices. This document also provides a format for the presentation of policies.

College administrators shall maintain written policies and procedures to guide the college's operations and will consolidate these statements in an online "policy library." This web site will serve as the official repository for college policies and procedures. Applicable policies should conform as closely as possible to the "Form for Policies and Procedures" attached below.



A policy is a statement that guides the management of the college's affairs. It serves as the college's official position on a subject and should be followed by all students, faculty, and staff. While it requires a certain response, it should provide some flexibility in application as the circumstances dictate. Its purpose is to inform interested students, faculty, and staff, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and reduce institutional risks. A policy is not a mere recommendation or suggested response which would more accurately be labeled a guideline. It is also not a mere pattern of conduct or repeated response which would more accurately be labeled a practice.

Administration of Policy

    1. This Policy on Policies shall apply to administrative policies only. Nothing in this policy shall be construed to conflict with the Constitution of Davidson College. Policies related to Academic Affairs and Student Life shall continue to be governed by the Constitution of Davidson College and the bylaws and procedures authorized thereby. 

    2. The formation or review of policies and procedures will be guided by good judgment and the process will vary with the circumstances. The following guidelines identify which administrator or committee has the authority to approve new or revised policies; provided, however, that departments, programs, and divisions may not approve policies that would conflict with an existing division-wide or institution-wide policy:

      Figure 1: Approving Administrator Identification Chart
      If the Policy or Procedure Affects: Then Approval Typically Shall Come from:
      a) a single department or program a) the department or program head or, where appropriate, the committee with the authority to create or revise policy
      b) more than one department within the same division b) the division Vice President or equivalent or, where appropriate, the committee with the authority to create or revise policy
      c) multiple divisions c) the affected divisions' Vice Presidents or equivalent, or the President
      d) the institution as a whole or in a significant way d) the President often in consultation with the Principal Executive Staff and/or the Board of Trustees
    3. All existing policies shall be regularly reviewed in accordance with their terms. Additionally, any member of the college community may recommend that a policy be revised, or a new policy be established, at any time. Proposals for policy revisions or the establishment of new policies shall be communicated in writing to the appropriate administrator(s) or committee, as set forth in Figure 1.

    4. The appropriate administrator(s) or committee will consider the proposal and may seek assistance (through delegation or otherwise).

    5. In the event the proposal is found to be unnecessary or not beneficial, the appropriate administrator(s) or committee shall communicate such to the individual who originally proposed the revision or establishment of the policy.

    6. In the event the proposal is found to be necessary and beneficial, the appropriate administrator(s) or committee shall assign an individual or group of individuals to be responsible for:

      1. Researching the underlying issues,
      2. Identifying what has worked well on other campuses,
      3. Consulting broadly with Davidson College colleagues and/or committees regarding the underlying issues for this campus,
      4. Drafting the policy or revisions thereto, and
      5. Seeking input on the draft from interested parties before moving it forward for approval.
  1. Once a new or revised policy is approved, it shall be shared with the campus community as soon as possible. Although the college is not limited in the manner in which it will publish the new or revised policy, it must be placed in the online policy library. It is the responsibility of the entity issuing final approval to ensure online publication by communicating directly with the appropriate web editor. Confirmation of online publication shall be submitted to the President's Office. To the extent possible, the "Form for Policies and Procedures" should be used for applicable published policies and procedures.
  2. The President's Office shall oversee this policy and review it at least once every five years.

Last Reviewed: July 2015