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Posting and Solicitation Guidelines

Solicitation Guidelines

Outside solicitation requires the permission of the union director (or the director of athletics for athletic activities. Such solicitation must be sponsored by a registered student organization or college department. Unless specificially exempted, outside solicitors must be accompanied by the campus sponsor at all times.

Students who pass out flyers or coupons act in the capacity of a business employee, not as a current student. Such students are not eligible to act as sponsors.

Posting Regulations and Guidelines

The group or sponsoring department responsible for publicity or posted notices must be identified on each piece of publicity.
There are specific policies and guidelines in various facilities that also must be followed. These facility specific guidelines are not included here. See appropriate building authorities for these.


  • For the sake of maintaining a sense of community and support for all posting materials are expected to be free of racial, gender or ethnic slurs, stereotypic depiction, or similar references in all advertising material.
  • In the interest of the environment and the campus appearance, organizations are requested to post the fewest number of pieces for effective advertising.
  • Be respectful of other posted materials. Don't post over other materials that remain current.
  • Remove advertising in a timely manner following programs or projects.
  • The posting of fliers, posters, and similar material is limited to bulletin boards and approved posting spaces on campus. (e.g. nothing may be affixed to trees, glass surfaces, painted surfaces, lamposts, sidewalks, or campus buildings - including columns and doors.)
  • Care should be taken to prevent any damage to buildings or grounds.