Alternative Breaks

Student leaders plan service immersion experiences during fall and spring breaks that address a broad range of issues, including environmental conservation, homelessness, affordable housing, and education.  

Fall Alternative Break Trips - 2014

Immerse yourself in the battle to end hunger in the Atlanta community.  This trip includes a chance to learn about poverty and hunger as well as help package and distribute food to those in need. Participants will also be working in the community gardens and with at-risk youth programs the Atlanta Food has started around the community. 
City of Refuge - Atlanta, GA 
Participate in the homeless shelter’s service program Restoration ATL (RATL).  The focus of RATL is “being with” rather than “doing for.” Participants will get to know CoR residents as well as take part in recreational activities and share meals with the residents.  Students will have the opportunity to learn about homeless issues in Atlanta in addition to volunteering at the 180 Kitchen and working at CoR. 
RRISA serves refugees and asylees who have been resettled in metro Atlanta and provides them with resources to start a safe, stable and successful new life.  Students will connect with and help refugee families by distributing vital items such as clothes and household appliances.  The group will also be able to connect with refugee youth through after school tutoring. 

For more information about the Alternative Breaks program, contact Christa Leimbach