Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time requirement?
Chidsey Fellows invest two to three hours per week in the program. During the first year, most of this time is in group meetings, held from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Monday evenings. During later years, Fellows meet less frequently as a full group, but are involved in projects and activities between meetings with other Fellows. Current Fellows find that this time commitment is manageable and worthwhile.

Can athletes participate?
We meet from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Monday evenings, which does conflict with some athletic practices. However, some coaches are willing to be flexible about practices. You should also consider Living Lives of Leadership (3L), a leadership program we created specifically for athletes.

Can Fellows go abroad?
Definitely. We encourage Fellows to go abroad.

What is the application process?
Applications are available online starting in mid-July and must be submitted in early September. Check Inside Davidson for key dates. Up to 40 students will be invited to participate in a group interview based on their applications. Ours are not typical interviews - students participate in a group challenge and debrief the challenge together.

What do Chidsey Fellows do?
Chidsey Leadership Fellows comprise a community dedicated to developing outstanding leadership in its members and contributing to the leadership development of Davidson College students. Fellows participate in seminars, retreats and the "Leadership Odyssey" in order to explore leadership topics; connect with student and community leaders; engage in social activities that build a sense of community among Chidsey Fellows; participate in group and individual projects that are beneficial to the broader community; provide each other with feedback and support; and reflect on their experiences to improve their leadership.