• Chidsey 3L Program

    The 3L program is designed to keep in mind the demanding schedule of scholar athletes.


Living Lives of Leadership

The Living Lives of Leadership program (nicknamed 3L) is the Chidsey Center's newest program. The program is targeted to leaders on varsity teams. Sports teams provide a rich leadership-learning environment. The 3L program equips athletes with information that can enable them to become more effective leaders on and off the field.

In our inaugural year, coaches selected one member of their team to participate in the program. Typically coaches selected captains or probable future captains for this honor, with the belief that these students could have the most impact on the leadership culture of the team. Participants were able to share what they learned with teammates by practicing the new ideas and/or sharing materials.

Our goals for 3L participants are: 

  • To become more self-aware and better understand how they can most effectively lead the team, given their particular personality and strengths;
  • To be familiar with the characteristics of highly effective teams and know strategies to help their team move in this direction; 
  • To recognize the pitfalls of leadership and how to overcome them;
  • To increase their awareness of campus resources to support your leadership efforts; and
  • To develop relationships with a peer group of athlete leaders who can provide useful feedback and support. 

The program is designed to keep in mind the demanding schedule of scholar athletes. Key topics will be introduced and athletes will have the opportunity to take advantage of customized support to explore the topics in greater depth.