Faculty & Staff

Equity Advisors

Equity Advisors are assigned to assist departmental search committees throughout the hiring process to ensure an equitable search process, one that is designed to yield a diverse pool of qualified candidates. Equity Advisors are external to the searching department, and are trained on hiring research and best practices in academic searches, particularly with regard to creating an unbiased and inclusive hiring process.

A student equity advisor is also assigned to each search processes and provides questions and feedback about a candidate's experience teaching to a diverse student body.

Faculty of Color Affinity Group

Faculty who self-identify as "people of color" informally meet each month to discuss a wide range of topics that impact their experiences at Davidson College. Topics include:

  • The road to tenure
  • Hiring and promotion practices
  • Student diversity demographics and support
  • Curricular diversity
  • Advising practices
  • Campus climate

Contact: Helen Cho