Safe Space Program

Safe SpaceThe Safe Space program provides education to the Davidson College community about the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) population. Participants attend a three-hour training session to explore terminology and key concepts, examine the history of the LGBTQ community at Davidson, develop support and action techniques, and learn from a panel of LGBTQ Davidson students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Upon completion of the training, participants receive a placard to display on their office or residence hall doors indicating that they are educated allies to the LGBTQ community, and they are also given the option to be listed on this website.

The goal of the Safe Space program is to provide visible and informed support for the members of this special community at Davidson. Participants are equipped with the knowledge and skills to offer guidance to LGBTQ students, to interrupt homophobia and challenge heterosexism, and to become informed and engaged with campus and local community resources. The program was developed as a collaborative project between Multicultural Affairs, the Dean of Students office, the Student Health Center, Residence Life, and Human Resources. Read more about the program's inaugural year.

Training sessions are open to all Davidson students, faculty, and staff. Members of the college community can sign up through announcements on Inside Davidson and in the Crier.  We are also happy to arrange personalized trainings for specific departments or campus organizations. Contact Becca Taylor with any questions or concerns.


Britta Ager, Classics
Pat Baker, Communication Studies
Mark Barsoum, Biology
Verna Case, Biology
Alison Bory, Dance
Mauro Botelho, Music
Laurian Bowles, Anthropology
Shireen Campbell, English
Keyne Cheshire, Classics
Dylan Fitz, Economics
Melissa Gonzalez, Hispanic Studies
Jessica Good, Psychology
Gayle Kaufman, Sociology
Tara Keith, Music
Kyra Kietrys, Hispanic Studies
Larry Ligo, Art History
Naila Mamoon, Pre-Med/Allied Health
Amanda Martinez, Communication Studies
Donna Molinek, Mathematics
Raghu Ramanujan, Mathematics/Computer Science
Kristi Multhaup, Psychology
Carol Quillen, History
Jeff Rose, Environmental Studies
Patricia Tilburg, History


Kortni Campbell, Admission & Financial Aid
Jessica Delgehausen, Admission & Financial Aid
Paul Gallagher, Admission & Financial Aid
Chris Gruber, Admission & Financial Aid
Katie Randa, Admission & Financial Aid
Gardner Roller Ligo, Admission & Financial Aid
Michele Trovato, Admission & Financial Aid
Yolanda Gilliam, Alumni Relations
Marya Howell, Alumni Relations
Dick Cooke, Athletics
Sarah Jenest, Athletics
Adam Walsh, Athletics
Sean Lennox, Athletics
Sandy Helfgott, Athletics
Kira Mowen, Athletics
Jamie Thomatis, Athletics
Amy Krakauer, Athletics
Lee Jones, Athletics
Tim Straub, Athletics
Bob Patnesky, Athletics
Erik Wince, Athletics
Kim Wayne, Athletics
Taylor Frink, Athletics
Jen Straub, Athletics
Lindsey Boldt, Athletics
Mary Ciuk, Athletics
Michele Savage, Athletics
Brenda Daugherty, Athletics
Richard Agner, Athletics
Joseph Beeler, Athletics
Mark Brumbaugh, Athletics
Ashley Bailey, Athletics
Katy McNay, Athletics
Paul Nichols, Athletics
Scott Applegate, Athletics
Allen Sutton, Athletics
Chris Willis, Athletics
Ginny Turner, Athletics
Kaitlyn Ruhf, Athletics
Ryan Munger, Athletics
Rucker Taylor, Athletics
Bryce Plott, Athletics
Jim Murphy, Athletics
Greg Ashton, Athletics
Susan Jimenez, Business Services
Todd Sigler, Campus Police
Anne Cavett, CatCard Services
Nathan Elton, Center for Career Development
Jeff Kniple, Center for Career Development
Brenda Harvey, Center for Career Development
Jamie Johnson, Center for Career Development
Julie Lucas, Center for Career Development
Kristen Booher, Center for Civic Engagement
Kyle Goodfellow, Center for Civic Engagement
Christa Leimbach, Center for Civic Engagement
Sandy Poole, Center for Civic Engagement
Nance Longworth, Center for Teaching and Learning
Rob Spach, Chaplain's Office
Kay Filar, Chemistry
Cayce Blackley, Chidsey Center
Amber MacIntyre, Chidsey Center
Julia Jones, Chidsey Center
Anna Prushinski, College Communications
Christina Rogers, College Communications
Christine Goodwin, College Communications
Lisa Patterson, College Communications
Louise Mohamed, College Relations
Kristen Tuttle, College Relations
Eileen Keeley, College Relations
Katharine Atkins, College Relations
Kim Cline, College Relations
Stephanie Glaser, College Relations
Nancy Laughridge, College Relations
Margie Gudaitis, College Relations
Cat Serrin Niekro, College Relations
Eileen O'Flaherty, College Relations
Morgan Bell, College Union
William Brown, College Union
Amy Elkin, College Union
Michelle Navas, College Union
Ashley Owen, College Union
Sarah Pankratz, College Union
Suzette McQueen, Davidson Athletic Fund
Ed Daugherty, Davidson Outdoors
Mike Goode, Davidson Outdoors
Kathy Bray, Dean of Students Office
Ernest Jeffries, Dean of Students Office
Diana Miller, Dean of Students Office
Becca Taylor, Dean of Students Office
Meg Sawicki, Dean Rusk International Studies Program
Kaela Frank, Dean Rusk International Studies Program
Jennifer Glass, Dean Rusk International Studies Program
Ned Khatrichettri, Dean Rusk International Studies Program
Jessica Williams, Dean Rusk International Studies Program
Mary Mack Benson, Donor Relations
Denise Howard, Donor Relations
Sana Klein, Donor Relations
Karen Locey, Donor Relations
John Barnhart, Guest Services
Cissi Lyles, Guest Services
Sherry Malushizky, Friends of the Arts
Tammy Benshoof, Finance & Administration
Ed Kania, Finance & Administration
Margaret Sprinkle, History
Ashley Allen, Human Resources
Drew Chin, Human Resources
Liz Robinson, Human Resources
Ann Todd, Human Resources
Kim Ball, Human Resources
Linda LeFauve, Institutional Research
George Campbell, Institutional Research
Diane Stirling, ITS
Jill Gremmels, E.H. Little Library
Hannah King, E.H. Little Library
Jason Radcliffe, E.H. Little Library
Sara Swanson, E.H. Little Library
Matthew Vest, E.H. Little Library
Jeff Prince, Major Gifts
Tae-Sun Kim, Multicultural Affairs
Gayle Craig, Parent Programs
Keatley Scroggins, Parent Programs
Ginny Perkey, Physics
James Gibert, Planned Giving
Carol Quillen, President 
Sarah Phillips, President's Office
Beth Christenbury, Purchasing
Dawn Connell, Registrar's Office
Angie Dewberry, Registrar's Office
Marcia Stoutjesdyk, Registrar's Office
Shanoya Conner, Residence Life
Donny Edwards, Residence Life
Emily Julian, Residence Life
Brian Lackman, Residence Life
Jason Shaffer, Residence Life
Rosie Strawn, Residence Life
Debby Harrison, Residence Life
Mary Ann Shessler, Residence Life
Colleen Fea, Student Health Center
Jan Poole, Student Health Center
Ann Renfrew, Student Health Center
Georgia Ringle, Student Health Center
Vicki Sherrill, Student Health Center
Michelle Mitrani, Student Health Center
Paula Wilhelm, Student Health Center
John Brunelle, Student Health Center
Elizabeth Allred, Student Health Center
David Graham, Student Health Center
Trish Murray, Student Health Center
Marcus Carson, Sustainability
Craig Mombert, Vail Commons
Kali Blevins, WDAV
Tamberly Ferguson, WDAV
Sarah Demarest, WDAV
Kendra Intihar, WDAV


Majo Arias '17
Timmy Basista '15
Peter Bowman '16
Micah Brown ‘16
Tommy Chaisuesomboon '17
Shamus Cooper '16
Elizabeth Cowan '17
Scott Cunningham '16
Grace Dover '14
Eliana Ferreri '16
Adam Hunter '15
London Judge '17
Hailey Klabo '16
Kseniya Kuprovska '15
Lauren Lu '16
Lydia McAliley '14
Nick McGuire '14
Catie Morris '17
Connery O'Brien '16
Abby Peoples '15
Jourdan Porter '16
Chris Ragsdale '14
Emily Rapport ‘16 
Stephanie Schauder '15
Kendra Smith '15
Adam Stanaland '15
Katie Steffens '17
Mackenzie Sumwalt '16
Ayanna Thomas '15
Pablo Zevallos '16
Michael Zhang '17
Yuyi Zhao '17
Addie Balenger '15, Residence Life
Adrienne Mathis '15, Residence Life
Angeline Pino '16, Residence Life
Zi Yang '16, Residence Life
Dylan Goodman '16, Residence Life
Ashley Hughes '15, Residence Life
Quincy Newkirk '14, Residence Life
Jane Gribble '14, Residence Life
Drew Cardwell '14, Residence Life
Annalee Kwochka '15, Residence Life
Jonathan Marchuk '15, Residence Life
Tyler Murray '15, Residence Life
Whitner Chase '15, Residence Life
Jasmine James '15, Residence Life
Will Reese '14, Residence Life
Ivana Masimore '14, Residence Life
Francissca Kang '16, Residence Life