Service & Study

Jasper Vaughn ’16

Davidson encourages students to explore the religious and spiritual dimensions of life in a global context. The Chaplain's Office provides opportunities for faith-based international experiences, summer internships, and grants for independent service and study.

Journey to Central America

The Journey to Central America is a reverse-mission experience centered in the recognition that North American Christians have much to learn about faithfulness to the gospel from their brothers and sisters in the developing world.  This trip, which takes place over spring break, is co-sponsored by the Chaplain's Office and local congregations.

Pilgrimage to Taizé

On the Pilgrimage to Taizé, Davidson students experience an international, contemplative Christian community that seeks reconciliation among people of all nationalities and spiritual paths. Each year, thousands of young people from around the globe visit this ecumenical monastery in the village of Taizé, France. For the week of spring break every other year, we join in their daily rhythm of meditative worship, silence, study, and work. This pilgrimage is open to students of all religious traditions and secular backgrounds. Our next trip to Taizé will be in 2018.

Summer Internship

The Stapleton/Davidson Urban Service Internship is a 10-week summer internship that engages a group of five students in full-time community service among the urban poor in Charlotte, N.C. The group meets weekly with the college chaplain and local religious leaders to reflect on issues of social justice, scripture, spirituality and the role of churches in responding to urban poverty.


The Chaplain's Office awards a variety of grants to give students opportunities to express and explore faith and spiritual life in a global context. Students of any religious tradition or spiritual or secular background are eligible to apply for Chaplain's Office grants.

Ministry Fellowship

Fellowships in religious vocation and leadership are available to students of any religious tradition with a strong record of academic achievement, campus leadership, and service. Students are nominated for the fellowships by members of the faculty, staff, and area clergy.  They participate in a summer internship after their junior year and vocational discernment seminar during their senior year.

Graduate Internships

A variety of organizations offer year-long internships for college graduates, integrating hands-on service, spirituality, simple living in community, and social justice.