Summer Internships

Hannah Sikes ’16

The 10-week Stapleton/Davidson Urban Service Internship engages a group of five students in full-time community service among the urban poor in Charlotte over the summer break.

Interns serve in organizations such as the Urban Ministry Center, which provides meals and services for the homeless, Dove's Nest, which helps women dealing with substance abuse and addiction, and Crisis Assistance Ministry, which provides help for people in financial crisis.

In addition to their hands-on work in Charlotte, interns meet weekly with the college chaplain and local religious leaders to reflect on issues of social justice, scripture, spirituality and the role of the church in responding to the challenges and nurturing the gifts of people living in urban poverty.

Duration: The internship is 10 weeks, from May 26 - July 31, 2015.
Provisions: Interns receive $3,500, plus housing.
Application Deadline: Applications (DOC) are due in the Chaplain's Office by 5 p.m. on February 6, 2015.

Past Participants

"I was placed in the very heart of homelessness, heartache, and hopelessness, working with men who have been drug dealers, or addicts, or have just gotten out of prison. As I got to know them, I felt an incredibly strong connection, becoming good friends with an ex-gang-member, a mentally handicapped individual (who made my day every day), and a man who had spiraled heavily into depression. I felt my whole outlook on myself and my life begin to change." - 2011 intern

"I cannot imagine a vision and a mission more powerful, more meaningful or more fulfilling than that of Jesus, as it was he who walked with the poor, the sick and the marginalized. Because we have developed deep friendships with the impoverished in Charlotte, it is our responsibility to be their voice in a world that doesn't allow them to have their own." - 2010 intern

"Never again will I see statistics about poverty and homelessness as just numbers. Now I will see them and think of friends. I am forever changed, and my prayer is that I can live in a way which honors those who shared their time and stories with me this summer." - 2010 intern